Remember, Value-Added Service isn’t just about creating positive Moments of Truth. We also must focus on avoiding negative Moments of Truth. Few Moments are worse than arriving at a job 40 miles from the office without the knee kicker, scrub wand or the chem sponges! (Its also a real killer on production.)

follow the steps bellow as a general guideline to your route.

Dont forget to set up heater if temps close to freezing

Before tyou leave shop. To review training module click here

  • Review route pack get a feel for the days work and make sure you have supplies and tools needed for your day Tip: route pack should be in your work book, was also sent to your email
  • run route start form
  • call first stop and give them eta Tip: customer number in route pack as well as in Calendar for days work
  • Park and setup. Try to make best guestamation as to where to park. you want to avoid having to move truck more than needed. To review training module parking
  • Prep Before knocking on customer door start filling out ticket, look over work order. To review training module before-you-knock
  • First impressions are very important. Make sure you are tidy, hair combed, shirt and pants clean and put on your best smile.

Introduction: To review training module 1 introduction
A. Knock and Stand back three feet from door, crisp, efficient and FOCUSED!
B. Look them in the eye and SMILE!
C. “I’m (full name) with (company name).”
D. Introduce your team members and what they will do on the job.
E. Hand the customer your business card.

Ice Breaker: To review training module ice-breaker
A. Introduce yourself again to pets, kids, HAVE FUN!
B. Make a sincere comment (house, yard, neighbors, etc.)
C. Refer to clipboard “I see we’re here to clean…”
D. Lay down doormat and wipe your feet.
E. Gift customer their FREE “Lifetime Carpet Spotter”.

Customer Interview: To review training module 1 interview
A. “Please give me a tour …and show me any special concerns.”
B. Listen carefully, write down answers and take “Immediate Action.”
C. Ask your Four Interview Questions listed on the Work Order: fill out work order and confirm price
1. “How old is the carpet?”
2. “Any spots or stains?”
3. “Are pets inside the home?”
4. “Have you noticed any bad seams, ripples, frayed areas?”

Planning the Attack: To review training module job-planning
A. “Let me review your concerns… have I missed anything?”
B. “Here’s what I’ll do to protect your home…”
1. Place corner guards
2. Tabs and foam blocks
3. Floor guards if cleaning upholstery
4. Place door guard at front door, etc.
C. Ask permission to begin. “May we start in ___ .” HINT: “What areas will you want cleaned first?”
D. !!! Carefully Start briningin in hoses and equpment and set up to perform services. HINT:Use bungee on stair areas to hold hoses from slipping down stairs while working.

Cleaning Presentation: To review training module 1 cleaning-demo
A. Clean your dramatic “Magic Square” in the dirtiest (and best lit) area.
B. Groom the Magic Square fibers and say, “Let me show you how your carpets are responding.”
C. Explain your cleaning procedures.

Post Inspection: To review training module 1 post-work
A. “I’d like to review with you what I’ve done.” NOTE: If customer is not home check your Work Order to see if you can call at work. (Talk slowly in the beginning) “This is________, Am I calling at a good time? I’m finishing up in your home and everything looks great! Do you have just a few seconds to review the job with me?” (Always ask about “re-applying” the ScotchGard!)
B. If customer can’t be reached, leave all paperwork on kitchen table.

Thank You and Goodbye: To review training module finishing-up
A. “Do you have a check number that I can write on the invoice?”
B. Act as a consultant. Give your client maintenance tips for their carpet.
C. Say goodbye to the kids and pets, and then say, “I’ve enjoyed meeting you. We really appreciate your business AND your referrals. Goodbye.”
D. Leave confident that you have made another Cheerleader!

  • return any found items discovered under furniture etc.. To review training module customer-items
  • special attention to the elderly. To review training module added value
  • Residential production rates To review training module production-rates
  • check your email, text, missed calls from office to confirm no other tasks or work needed before heading in for the day.
  • fuel up truck as close to shop as possible Tip: chevron littleville or chevron accross from walmart russellville. Gas cards are located in the "Bosh" pouch. If gasing up in Vortex end pump on 1, Van 2, Big White truck 3
  • dump truck and clean lint basket at designated area at shop
  • Check weather to see if temps will drop bellow freezing anytime in the next 48 hrs. if so set up truck heater and implement freeze prevention.
  • run route end form