Upholstery Cleaning - Restorative Hot Water Extraction

(This methode is used for most synthetic Upholstery. Also some cotton careful of bleeding & shrinkage)

Upholstery that has not been properly maintained may need a deep, restorative cleaning. This is performed through hot water extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning) and may include rotary shampoo cleaning or agitation of the preconditioner with a counter-rotating brush machine.In order to perform the best job, a technician must follow the “cleaning pie” as taught in the IICRC CCT/CCMT classes. The cleaning pie consists of four parts: time, agitation, chemical, and temperature.

Basic procedures HW extraction

Basic Equipment set up

  • Truckmount Start up Manual Thermalwave
    1. Locate water supply and connect it to truckmount supply hose
    2. collect corner gaurds and run solution hose(s) to furthest area being cleaned. Make sure to connect shut off(s) and turn it to off position.
    3. Set up corner gaurds as needed
    4. Run vacuum hose(s)to same area as solution hose(s) but allow an extra 5-7 ft for retraction when it is under vacuum.
    5. collect tools needed wand, stair tool etc..Check wands for debris in head. Do not clean with clogged tools.
    6. If large job connect dump hose to proper area to allow dumping of waste water when waste tank gets full.
    7. Start up the truckmount, set throttle contorl to upholstery, single or double wand as needed
    8. set water pressure to 450 - 550 psi for Carpet or upholstery cleaning.
    9. Adjust rinse to 2-3 GPH fill Mix tank if low (video)
    10. begin cleaning
    11. when work is done pack up truck in reverse of setup.


    Extraction Rinse

    1 Qt Axiom Rinse to 5 Gal water

    x 1 QT + 5 gal water to

    Pet Odor Treatment Mix

    6 oz. First response to 24 oz water spray bottle

    x 3 to 24 oz water spray bottle


    Upholstery Protector Mix

    6 oz. Protection Plus - 1 oz Deodorizer to 24 oz water spray bottle

    x 3 x 1/2 to 24 oz water spray bottle

    • Upholstery re-soiling quickly
    • Re-occurring spots
    • Spots not removed
    • Slow dry time
    • Banged up furniture and
    • Pre-treatment solution
    splashed on furniture and

    Basic Steps:

    Synthetic Upholstery, Nylon, rayon, polyester, office work chairs. use this methode. Any others like wool or cotton can also use this methode, but test for bleeding and possible shrinkage.

    1. Vacuum thoroughly. It is easier to remove dry dirt than to clean mud. (if Upholstery is not too dirty this step may be skiped)
    2. Pre-spray the Upholstery with a cleaning chemical designed for Upholstery.
      • If the Upholstery is synthetic, such as nylon, the product should have a pH of 7 or less.. 
      • orx 1/2
    3. Agitate the pre-conditioner with a upholstery brush on heavy areas to penetrate the soils. Allow adequate dwell time (ideally 5–10 minutes). Remember, the longer the pre-conditioner is allowed to dwell, the greater the soil suspension. Be careful not to allow the product to dry on the Upholstery.
    4. Thoroughly extract the area using hot water and an alkaline detergent to suspend and rinse the soil from the Upholstery.

    spotting products needed:

    Tar, Gum, Grease: Use Citra-Quick


    ink.: use pig,

    rust: T-Rust

    Basic Steps: Topical pet odor stain treatment

    Synthetic Upholstery, Nylon, rayon, polyester, olefin (commercial), berber. use this methode. Any others like wool or area rugs do not use this methode.

    1. Identify source of odor with Hydro sensor (Hydro video here) or UV light (Uv video here)
    2. Spray the Upholstery with a enough cleaning treatment to reach backing of Upholstery and pad.. (Application video here)
      • avoid getting on fruniture or under any fixture that will get damaged from over wetting.
      • pad or block as needed 
      • 1 Gal First response or Pet stain off to Hydro-force (no yellow tip) no water added

        or x 1 Gal no tip

    3. Agitate thetreatment with a groomer brush Allow adequate dwell time (ideally 10–20 minutes). Tip: Try to do this first maybey before pulling vac hose in so it has time to dwell while you are doing something else.
    4. For heavily soiled Upholsterys you can also apply your regulare pre-conditioner like flex to soiled areas.
    5. Thoroughly extract the area using hot water and an extractgion rinse (Axiom Free Rinse) to suspend and rinse the soil and odor from the Upholstery.
    6. or