Tile Cleaning - Restorative High Pressure Extraction

(This methode is used for most Ceramic Tile & Grout. Not Marble or Vinyl)

Tile that has not been properly maintained may need a deep, restorative cleaning. This is performed through high pressure water extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning) and may include brush cleaning or agitation of the preconditioner with a counter-rotating brush machine. In order to perform the best job, a technician must follow the “cleaning pie” as taught in the IICRC CCT/CCMT classes. The cleaning pie consists of four parts: time, agitation, chemical, and temperature.

Basic procedures Tile cleaning

Basic Equipment set up

  • Truckmount Start up Manual Thermalwave
    1. Locate water supply and connect it to truckmount supply hose
    2. collect corner gaurds and run solution hose(s) to furthest area being cleaned. Make sure to connect shut off(s) and turn it to off position.
    3. Set up corner gaurds as needed
    4. Run vacuum hose(s)to same area as solution hose(s) but allow an extra 5-7 ft for retraction when it is under vacuum.
    5. collect tools needed Spinner, Gieko, grout brush. Check spinner head for debris in head. Do not clean with clogged tools.
    6. If large job connect dump hose to proper area to allow dumping of waste water when waste tank gets full.
    7. Start up the truckmount, set throttle contorl to single or double wand as needed
    8. set water pressure to 800 - 1000 psi for tile and grout cleaning.
    9. the rinse valve should be off.
    10. begin cleaning
    11. when work is done pack up truck in reverse of setup.


    Mix prespray Alklyn

    !!! dont forget to wear your saftey googles and gloves!!!

  • (95 % of the time this will be the only product needed to clean most ceramic or porcelain tile)

    1.5 Gal pump up sprayer Mix - 16 - 32 oz Prochem Professional Tile and grout cleaner and 1 Gal.water

    Image result for pump sprayer tractor supplyx 16-32 oz + 1 gal. Water

    Mix spoter Acid

  • (5 % of the time you may need product to clean stubborn grout stains on ceramic or porcelain tile. do not get this on any metal or stainless appliances)

    16 oz bottle Mix 2 oz Prochem Restoration tile and grout cleaner to 8 oz water.

    x 2 oz + 8 oz. Water

    • Dirty or stained grout
    • Damaged or missing tile or grout
    • Corners & edges not clean
    • Solution on baseboards, furniture and walls

    Basic Steps:

    1. Clear floor of items that will be moved out of service area.
    2. Use putty knife to remove dried on crusty material, stickers, etc.
    3. Vacuum the floor thoroughly. It is easier to remove dry dirt than to clean mud. (if floors are not too dirty this step may be skiped)
    4. Protect surfaces not being cleaned with plastic so they are not
      damaged by splashes.
    5. Apply pre-conditioner solution to floor with low pressure pump-up sprayer. Keep it wet, do not let it dry out. Work on small areas you can manage. use alklyn mix 1st.
      • Image result for pump sprayer tractor supply16-32 oz to 1 gal water
    6. Agitate the pre-conditioner with a groomer brush on heavy traffic areas to penetrate the soils. Allow adequate dwell time (ideally 5–10 minutes). Remember, the longer the pre-conditioner is allowed to dwell, the greater the soil suspension. Be careful not to allow the product to dry on the tile.
    7. For areas that the preconditioner does not clean up you can try acid mix.. extreem caution needed to not get this chem on any metal especially stainless appliances or other areas. apply to grout or tile only..
    8. add 2 oz to 8 oz water.
    9. Thoroughly powerwash and extract the area to suspend and rinse the soil from the tile. .

    Applying Clear Grout sealer

    1. Clear floor of items that will be moved out of service area.
    2. Mop up any puddled water from cleaning. Grout can be slightly damp but not puddling.
    3. Make sure grout does not have any debris
    4. Fill Grout stick with sealer
    5. Carry a dry rag to wipe up spills
    6. Apply sealer using grout stick (grout seale application video)
    7. Image result for pump sprayer tractor supply use undiluted

    8. Dry up any puddled sealer with mop or rag